Will You Find Success In 2021?

action today determines Growth tomorrow!

There’s an old belief networking fanatics.  It goes something like this…”The actions you take today, are NOT for tomorrow.  They are for 6 months from now.”

What are you doing today, that will help you in six months?


Start Date:  February 1, 2021

Time:  1:30 pm (PST)

***Space Is Limited***

Welcome To BoomCamp!

For the first time ever, we offering a non-traditional Business Growth Bootcamp, designed to make your business BOOM, despite the “bad economy” noise!

What is it?

BoomCamp is an intense, 60-day program that takes our online business growth curriculum, and condenses it into 60 intense business development, brainstorming, and strategy building 1-hour workshops, for 60 days.

BoomCamp is not a magic pill that get your business to growing, without effort from you.  BoomCamp is designed to help you go through various parts of the business growth process, to help you create the tools you need to grow your business!

Look at BoomCamp like a method for sharpening your tools and getting them ready for your project.  After BoomCamp, all you’ll need to do is go to your Marketing Implementation Calendar, and start implementing all the tools you’ve developed during BoomCamp! 


Who is it for?

BoomCamp is perfect for entrepreneurs of all experience levels!  We promise there is something new for everyone to learn about their business, how to market it, organize it, or grow it.

We believe that businesses of all types can benefit from this BoomCamp experience, from start-ups to well-established businesses – even those in a franchise system! 

Will it really work?

YES! We are NOT like other coaching programs out there.  Our regular coaching packages offer a “Double Your Investment Guarantee”.  We’re so confident in our BoomCamp, that we’re going to extend that offer here.  If you go through BoomCamp, and you don’t begin to see results within 6 months, we’ll give you double your money back! No questions asked!

What if I can’t make it every day?

Like everything, to maximize the benefit of BoomCamp you should try to attend every session.  However, because you’ll get materials in addition to the daily sessions, you’ll be able to keep up with that missed day and still know where the group is when you return.


“This system has been absolutely amazing! I’m been able to cut down the number of services I provide, charge more AND make more money. The numbers don’t lie!”

What Are We Covering?

Remember, this BoomCamp is designed to set you up to make your business BOOM!  You will NOT implement all of the strategies and tactics at once, when we wrap up! We’re simply getting everything ready, so you can determine your best strategy and have the tools available when you decide to release them!

The reality is, most businesses only need around 8 strategies to reach their targets.  Once we finish BoomCamp, you’ll have all of these and so much more!

Bulletproof Marketing Equation
Create Your Market Dominating Position
Create A Compelling Message Your Market Will Respond To
Design Market-Dominating Websites
Create An Online Presence
Generate Online Leads Using Webinars And Teleseminars
Identify Your Perfect Target Market
Create A Competition-Crushing Sales Process
Create Your Elevator Pitch Using Our Four Part Process
Generate Leads Online
Using Our Compelling Emails & Sales Letters
Build A Massive Email List
Your Go-Forward Marketing Plan & Schedule
How To Know What Your Prospects Are Thinking
Write Persuasive Marketing
Design Competition-Crushing Ads
5 Tactics To Round Out Your Networking Strategy
Raise Prices WITHOUT Losing A Single Customer

Why Join BoomCamp?

Let’s face it.  The reality of many small business owners is that clients always come first.  No matter how often we set-aside time to work ON the business, something comes up that makes us pivot to working IN the business. 

We’ve designed BoomCamp to make it easier to work ON your business!

It’s literally as simple as watching a 20-30 video during your lunch hour, and spending another 30 minutes in Q&A collaborating and brainstorming with other like-minded entrepreneurs.  

We’ll give you everything you’ll need, including Workbooks!

Available Books

Business Marketing

45 Minute Business Breakthroughs

Discover the 8 most common strategies we use to find $10,000 in ANY business, guaranteed!

Business Strategy

Law Firm Confessional

Discover 10 ways to systematize your business to maximize sales profitability and give you your life back!