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Frequently Asked

Is coaching right for me?

Coaching can be helpful for everyone.  Having someone to bounce ideas off of, someone to hold you accountable to your actions, and a second set of eyes, will never hurt you.  More over, many coaches bring a wealth of experience that you, as the business owner, may not have on your own.

Do you only work with established companies?

Absolutely not! We work with start-ups as well.  In fact, start-ups have one benefit that established companies don’t have…they don’t have to “unlearn” behaviors or procedures.  They can build systems from the ground up, from the outset.

Do you offer ongoing consulting services?

We offer different membership programs depending on level of involvement you want us to have.  Everything from DIY, Group plans and One-on-One plans.  In addition to our standard marketing service offerings.

Why is Aftokrat Academy different than others?

Simply put – our founder has been where you are! Matthew Murillo has dedicated his professional life to helping Family Business owners.  He knows the “ins and outs” of what you are facing.  Not only did he create Aftokrat specifically for this purpose, but he is also the founder of two other successfully companies as well — Griffin | A Professional Law Corp., focusing on the legal aspects faced by family owned business; and Avenue 23 Realty focused on the needs of family businesses.

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