Case Study

Shearinfinity Case Study

Shearinfinity Computers & Network Solutions came into our program doing well, but not quite meeting growth objectives consistently.  Here is their story…


How We Increased Online Sales by Over 120% In Less Than a Year

Shearinfinity is a small IT Solutions company, consisting hitting its revenue mark, year over year. Growth was there, but not quite what it wanted.

Then Aftokrat Academy came in.  We created a roadmap, and projected the new annual revenue targets.

Guess what happened?



Taking Shearinfinity

To The Next Level


When we started with Shearinfinity, like most businesses, there would be some ups and downs.   Shearinfinity had maintained a steady growth pattern for years, consistently hitting a +/- 5% growth rate. It simply wasn’t growing fast enough.  So, our goal was reasonable – hit the $200k annual revenue mark for 2020.  If we hit that, we would have increased their revenue nearly 70% from the prior year!

Challenge accepted!


Using a combination of strategies and tactics derived from eLearning system, Shearinfinity got to work.  By implementing 3 “overnight” strategies – literally, about 10-15% of their customized roadmap – we were able to achieve some amazing results!  All of this, while using only one (1) lead generation strategy!

We can’t wait to see what happens after working with us for 5 years!

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